Honda Kaihatsu Americas, Inc. offers expert services in translation and interpretation between Japanese and English.

Our core business is supporting communications between Japan and the United States for Honda Motor Company.

Honda Kaihatsu Americas, Inc. (HKA) was incorporated in California in 1989.  We have been providing expert Japanese-English translators and interpreters at Honda manufacturing plants and research & development facilities in the United States. Our mission is to support all the various business activities of all Honda companies in the United States.

HKA translators and interpreters help to create a bridge between Japan and the United States, particularly when it comes to sharing among Honda's worldwide associates the knowledge and technologies that have been developed at Honda. We provide the highest quality service and offer advanced skills, such as translation of technical documents and simultaneous or consecutive interpretation for conferences, meetings, press events, and various other occasions.

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Staffing Service
We send our highly professional interpreters and translators to our clients' work sites.
Document Translation Service
We produce document translation at our office.