Staffing of Interpreters and Translators (Japanese and English)

1. Long-Term Staffing Service with HKA Interpreters and Translators

According to your particular needs for in-house interpreters and translators, we send highly skilled professionals who will work full time at your company on the basis of a renewable one-year contract. We also provide human resource management services including payroll.

2. Temporary Staffing with Traveling Interpreters and Translators

We also send highly professional interpreters and translators who will work at your company for shorter periods of time, from a few weeks to several months but less than one year.

3. Staffing with Interpreters for Specific Occasions

We send highly-trained professionals for simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at business meetings, conferences, negotiations, and for other occasions as needed. Our interpreters for this service work on a free-lance basis and are experts in specific areas.


Document Translation Service (Japanese and English)

Translation of Written Materials

We will provide translations of written materials involving general or specialized content in virtually any field of business or technology. We deliver our translation products in a timely manner by mail, fax, or email.

For further information concerning these staffing and translation services, please contact us by phone at (310) 793-8517 or send an email to info@hondakai.com.